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Three smiling racially diverse women in a work environment. Three smiling racially diverse women in a work environment.

Chapter Next Program

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Thank you to everyone who joined our "Returnships: Start Your Next Career Chapter with Lockheed Martin" event. If you missed it, check out our replay below.

At Lockheed Martin, we understand that experienced professionals sometimes need to take a career break. And we know the transition back to work after a career pause can be challenging and intimidating.

That is why we developed the Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems Chapter Next program. This program provides a unique opportunity to re-engage and support experienced professionals as they launch their next career chapter after taking a two or more-year career break.

Chapter Next is a 12-16-week paid returnship that aligns participants with a job that best matches their skills and abilities. Participants receive comprehensive training, professional development and networking opportunities and individual-based mentoring to help create a smooth transition back to the workforce.

Our goal is to provide the fundamental tools needed to be successful in your career area, and to potentially prepare you for an opportunity to join Lockheed Martin full time. Our program offers diverse fields of focus and includes functional and technical opportunities.

At Lockheed Martin, you’ll join a team with a passion for purposeful innovation to keep people safe and solve the world’s most complex challenges.


Lockheed Martin Corporation

When Jennifer found our Chapter Next program through a Google search, it was the push she needed to jump back into the workforce after 20 years of raising her family.

Today, she encourages anyone looking to return to work after two or more years away to take that leap and try the Chapter Next 12-16-week paid returnship. The program’s training, tools, resources and mentorship opportunities have provided many women and men with a smooth and successful transition back into the workforce.


Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation

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Looking for an apprenticeship instead of a returnship? Accelerate your career in a cutting-edge apprenticeship program at Lockheed Martin. From green energy to aerospace, there are so many ways you can make a difference with us.

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