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Meet LEO, your interview scheduling assistant Meet LEO, your interview scheduling assistant

Meet LEO, your interview scheduling assistant

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Hi, I'm LEO

Nice to meet you! My name is LEO, and I'm the Interview Scheduling Assistant for Lockheed Martin.

What I Do

Review & Respond: Review your text or email and select the best available time. Reply 'no' if times aren't good for you.

Time Confirmed: The form is embedded in the email notifications you receive after selecting the Request for Interview HR status.
You can also find it in the Add Forms sections.

Check Your Inbox: A member of our Talent Acquisition team will follow up with specific interview details by email so you can prepare. Reply to LEO message or directly to our team if anything changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What or who is LEO?
As of January 30, 2020, LEO is Lockheed Martin's new Interview Scheduling tool.

Which applicants will LEO contact to schedule their interview?
Select external applicants recommended for interview by the hiring team can potentially be contacted by LEO to coordinate a time to interview.

Does LEO text message or email?
LEO will text message the "Primary" phone number listed on your application for employment. LEO will also send communications via email.

Can I change my phone number?
Yes. Please contact your recruiter to facilitate changes in phone number if you have already been contacted via LEO to schedule an interview. You can also update your contact information from within the Lockheed Martin Candidate Zone.

Why do I have to opt-in to LEO?
Because LEO leverages text messaging, you are prompted to opt-in to communicating via text message. If you choose to not opt in, all communications from LEO will be delivered via email.

LEO sent me interview times. How do I choose one?
To choose an interview time from the options sent to you, please respond to LEO via text message with the number of the desired interview time. From email, you can simply click the corresponding time to schedule.

None of the interview times presented work for me. How can I choose other times?
If none of the initial interview times presented work for you, click the hyperlink to "view more available times," and you will be presented with additional availability from the interviewer's calendar.

The additional times presented do not work for my schedule. What can I do?
If the initial times presented AND the additional available times from the link do not work for your schedule, please contact your recruiter directly to facilitate scheduling.

I am no longer interested in interviewing. What should I do?
If you are no longer interested in interviewing, please contact your recruiter directly. If you have already confirmed an interview time, you can cancel your interview by messaging "cancel my interview" to LEO.

How do I reschedule my interview?
You can reschedule your interview by texting "reschedule my interview" to LEO. This will ask you to confirm your request to reschedule and prompt you to select from other available interview times.

How do I cancel my interview?
You are able to cancel your interview by messaging "cancel my interview" to LEO. You will be asked to confirm your cancellation and upon confirmation, cancellation notices will be sent to all parties.

How do I get the calendar invite on my calendar?
Once a time has been selected, a calendar confirmation will be sent to the email provided in your application. This confirmation includes an .ICS attachment which can be added to the calendar of your choosing.

Is there anything else I need to do once I select my interview time?
Depending on the nature of your interview, additional supplemental documentation will be provided. For example, if you are participating in a virtual interview, a tech check may be requested. If you are participating in an in-person interview, site access coordination may be required and your recruiter or coordinator will be in contact to help facilitate.

Who do I ask if I have questions about my interview?
While LEO has the ability for bi-directional communication via email and text messaging, the best way to find out more about your interview is to contact your recruiter or coordinator directly.

I had an emergency and am unable to make my interview as planned. What can I do?
If you have a time sensitive request, please reach out to your recruiter or coordinator directly. If you need to reschedule, you can text "reschedule my interview" to LEO and pick from the available times presented.

I just interviewed, will LEO tell me the results of my interview?
LEO will not communicate your interview results with you. Please visit the LMCO Candidate Zone to see information regarding your current interview status.

Will LEO assist with my travel reimbursement?
No, LEO is not currently a part of our travel reimbursement process. Please reach out to your recruiting coordinator directly to facilitate reimbursement if applicable to your interview.

What does LEO stand for?
LEO has many meanings including Lockheed Employment Opportunity, the constellation and even Low Earth Orbit. At the end of the day, LEO is just LEO!

I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ. Who can I ask?
You can reach out directly to your recruiter or coordinator or contact