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Lockheed Martin Heroes - Active Duty

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Lockheed Martin Heroes Fellowships for Active Duty Military

Active Duty military can participate anytime during their final 180 days of service, and the fellowship complies with DoD Instruction 1322.29 (Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships and Internships).

How do I apply and get approved?

You can apply through the Hiring our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP) or with your respective service branch Career Skills Program (CSP). If your base participates in the Hiring Our Heroes CFP, you are highly encouraged to sign up and coordinate your experience through that program. To find out if your base is currently participating, click here.

If your base does not participate in the CFP or your timeframe does not align with the cohort timeframes (current timeframes can be found here), please coordinate your interest between your transition manager at your base overseeing the CSP and fill out Lockheed Martin's CSP screening application here. You will be notified by us if you are eligible for our program (eligibility does not guarantee a fellowship, but means we will attempt to match you with a fellowship at Lockheed Martin).

See the next section on this page for CSP rules/regulations by branch. You will need command approval to complete a fellowship, and fellowships much be completed during your last 180 days of active duty. To learn more about the DoD SkillBridge Program go to their website at:

Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Each branch of service has their own individual instructions to apply:


Army: Approval Process

Air Force: Approval Process

Navy: Approval Process

Marine Corps: Approval Process

Hiring Our Heroes CFP, Military Spouse, Caregiver or Wounded Warrior Approval Process, please reach out to the Lockheed Martin Heroes Team for more information.

FAQs: Fellowships for Transitioning Active Duty Service Members

Am I eligible for a DoD SkillBridge/Career Skills Program?
Active Duty Eligibility: Transitioning service members are eligible if they have completed at least 180 continuous days on active duty in the armed forces and will be discharged or released from active duty within 180 days of the start of the fellowship, and have either earned a bachelor’s degree plus three or more years of leadership experience or have earned an associate degree plus have five or more years of leadership or equivalent related experience.

Service members must also obtain approval from their chain of command, which varies by branch:
For Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force* applicants, you must get approval from the first field grade commander (*commander on G-Series orders). For Army applicants, you must get approval from the first O-5 commander.

In all transitioning military cases, your approver must be in your chain of command and be authorized to impose non-judicial punishment. They also need to establish a way to maintain accountability for you while you’re participating in a fellowship.

Lastly, you must have completed TAPS/TRS/T-GPS prior to participation.

What opportunities does the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program provide?
The Lockheed Martin Heroes goal is to align the candidate and Business Area interests to find a perfect match. We’re continuously adding new hosts/sponsors within the organization who are looking for transitioning service members and/or military spouses to join their teams after their fellowships. We have seen our Lockheed Martin Heroes fill a variety of roles, including:

• IT & Cybersecurity
• Data Analytics
• Operations Management
• Project/Program Management
• Business Development
• Recruitment Marketing
• HR/Talent Acquisition
• Supply/Logistics

We are continuously improving and increasing participation. If you can identify an opportunity on our careers page that matches your skill set, then we may have a need, depending on location.

How do I get matched to a fellowship?
After you’ve begun working with either the HoH CFP Region POCs or the Lockheed Martin Heroes POC for all other CSP candidates, we begin the matching process based on the program criteria. We take into consideration geographic preferences, experience, career goals, and interests when matching you with our Business Areas. We ask for you to go to our careers site to identify three opportunities that match the geographic preference and your skill sets to better identify the host/sponsor, and send us the “req” numbers (they end in BR) - do not apply on the career site.

Fellowships take place either through a CFP cohort cycle or on a rolling basis based on the respective CSP timeline approved by the respective Command. Our Business Areas host cohorts of fellows throughout the year in various cities and timelines based on their hiring goals and needs.

For the respective service branch CSPs, once we’ve determined a potential fit, we will share your profile with our Business Area representatives who can opt-in to interview you. You will be interviewed alongside other candidates, so be sure to ace the interview by asking us any questions upfront and absorb everything you can from the Lockheed Martin Heroes team.

There is no guarantee that you will secure a fellowship if you receive commander pre-approval, or if you have an interview with one of our partners. You are only guaranteed a fellowship after being interviewed and selected by our Business Area.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program?
Many military members and military family members have what it takes to be successful within our organization. But to be a successful Lockheed Martin Hero, we look for those who are willing to experience new things and enjoy new challenges. We've found that this opportunity of on-the-job training is an effective way to translate your skills from one industry to another.

Candidates for the Lockheed Martin Heroes program should also understand that we facilitate these opportunities based on the skill set needs of our hosts/sponsors and their geographic preference needs. The more flexible you are with aligning to our organization’s needs for your skill set - the better chance you have in becoming a Lockheed Martin Hero and potentially receive an offer for employment.

The goal of the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program is for transitioning service members and military family members to secure career opportunities they love within Lockheed Martin.

Where do the fellowships take place?
The easiest answer is to say: wherever we have opportunities that align with your skill sets. Be mindful that our company may have a building near your primary geographic preference but that does not mean your skill set is needed. The more flexibility you have with your geographic preference, the better opportunities you will have in securing a Lockheed Martin Hero fellowship.

When do Lockheed Martin Heroes Fellowships take place?
Fellowship time frames depend on the program. Please speak to the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program Manager for more details.
We will make sure that your fellowship end date allows enough time for you to clear installation and check out of your unit, typically two weeks.

Is there a deadline for applying?
In order to participate in a fellowship, we recommend that you begin your application and the approval process as soon as possible. You can receive pre-approval for a fellowship up to a year in advance of your separation date. We recommend obtaining chain of command pre-approval no later than five months prior to separation.

We realize that sometimes your unit simply can’t afford to let you go, and it can be difficult to line up the timing perfectly. If you don’t have approval five months prior to separation, we unfortunately can’t guarantee you’ll be able to participate while on active duty.

Please note: Although you begin discussions with the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program Manager, there is no guarantee of identifying a host to participate in the Lockheed Martin Heroes program.

Can I participate during my separation leave?
Yes! If you’ve got 60+ days of leave on the books, you may not need chain of command approval. Email the Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Heroes Team for questions concerning fellowships on terminal leave.

Per Lockheed Martin Policy, traveling will not be permitted during the fellowship.

Do I get paid for the fellowship? What about benefits and BAH?
Per DoD Instruction 1322.29 active duty service members are not eligible to receive wages, training stipends, or any other form of financial compensation for the duration of your fellowship.

You will continue to receive all benefits and BAH if you are currently receiving BAH. Your current BAH rate will stay the same and you're not eligible for an early termination of your lease through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Is there a restriction to taking time off while participating in the program?
Your fellowship is meant to be an immersive on-the-job training program. We understand that things come up, but you should plan on working at your host company for the entirety of the fellowship time frame. Ultimately, it’s up to you to communicate if something happens and you need to take time.

Our Business Areas understand that you’ve got certain items to take care of when you leave the military. You must communicate your fellowship start and end dates, separation check-out dates and separation leave dates to the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program team and the Business Area you are assigned to before you begin the fellowship.

Can I participate as a veteran?
At this time, we are not able to extend the Lockheed Martin Heroes program to veterans who have left active duty.

Can't find an answer?
Reach out with your questions by emailing Lockheed Martin's Lockheed Martin Heroes Team.

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