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What is the Lockheed Martin Heroes Program?
The Lockheed Martin Heroes Program provides fellowships to military members transitioning to civilian careers, military spouses, caregivers and wounded warriors. Lockheed Martin partners with organizations such as; Hiring our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, DoD SkillBridge Program, USSOCOM Wounded Warrior Internship Program and the military Career Skills Programs (CSP) to offer the fellowships.

The fellowships include three to six-month, on-the-job training experiences for transitioning service members and a six-week on-the-job training experience for military spouses and caregivers. Fellowships allow participants to translate their skills in a new industry and execute dynamic career changes. Our Lockheed Martin Heroes develop commercial skills and build professional networks inside the Business Area, allowing them to interview for full-time roles before they complete their fellowship.

Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Heroes - Contributing to a Strong Military by Empowering the Military Community
The Lockheed Martin Heroes Program aligns applicants with hosts at Lockheed Martin for career opportunities. Fellows will learn our organization’s culture and begin building the knowledge, skills and abilities from others to develop, succeed and grow.

Lockheed Martin Heroes removes the guesswork by translating military or career skills to our career opportunities and prepares Lockheed Martin Heroes for dynamic career changes. We help our candidates tell their personal story in a compelling way and our host/sponsors coach them throughout the fellowship, ensuring they’re on track for a full-time offer at their Business Area or elsewhere within the organization.

This support for service members transitioning to civilian employment and for military family members contributes not only to Lockheed Martin’s success, but also contributes to a stronger military.

Lockheed Martin Heroes – Proven Success
The Lockheed Martin Heroes program began in 2017 to help veterans and members of the military community gain valuable experience and take steps toward their next career. The number of Lockheed Martin Heroes fellows grows each year, and more than 70 percent of participants have accepted full time positions at Lockheed Martin after completing their fellowship.

Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation

How do I apply and get approved?

You can apply through the Hiring our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP) or with your respective service branch Career Skills Program (CSP). If your base participates in the Hiring Our Heroes CFP, you are highly encouraged to sign up and coordinate your experience through that program. To find out if your base is currently participating, click here.

If your base does not participate in the CFP or your timeframe does not align with the cohort timeframes (current timeframes can be found here), please coordinate your interest between your transition manager at your base overseeing the CSP and fill out Lockheed Martin's CSP screening application here. You will be notified by us if you are eligible for our program (eligibility does not guarantee a fellowship, but means we will attempt to match you with a fellowship at Lockheed Martin).

See the next section on this page for CSP rules/regulations by branch. You will need command approval to complete a fellowship, and fellowships much be completed during your last 180 days of active duty. To learn more about the DoD SkillBridge Program go to their website at:

Each branch of service has their own individual instructions to apply:


Army: Approval Process

Air Force: Approval Process

Navy: Approval Process

Marine Corps: Approval Process

Hiring Our Heroes CFP, Military Spouse, Caregiver or Wounded Warrior Approval Process, please reach out to the Lockheed Martin Heroes Team for more information.

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