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Have questions about working at Lockheed Martin? Browse our FAQs.

General FAQsExpand AllCollapse All

How do I get a job at Lockheed Martin? Where can I find out what jobs are currently open at Lockheed Martin?
Can I apply to more than one job?
Where should I send my resume?
Does it matter what my resume looks like?
What qualities do you look for when hiring at Lockheed Martin?
What is the hiring process like?
What is recruitment fraud?
What or who is LEO?
I applied to multiple open positions at Lockheed Martin and I haven't heard back. How can I find out where I am in the process and what the status of my application is?
How can I improve my chances to get hired by Lockheed Martin?
What is the salary range at Lockheed Martin?
What benefits come with this position?
Where do I submit my form for Candidate Travel Reimbursement?
How long will it take to receive my Candidate Travel Reimbursement?
Will I receive a travel allowance if I need to travel for an interview?
Who do I contact for questions about travel expense report submittal or travel expense reimbursement?
I lost my Candidate Expense Reimbursement Form. How can I get a new one?
What technologies do you work with, develop and advance?
Where are you located?
Do you offer relocation assistance?
What if I created a candidate account with Sikorsky?
What if I applied to a Sikorsky position?
What if I joined the Sikorsky Talent Community?

College FAQsExpand AllCollapse All

What kind of support will I receive when joining Lockheed Martin following graduation?
Does Lockheed Martin hire summer interns? How can I view internship opportunities?
Does Lockheed Martin offer paid internship opportunities? How much do they pay?
What kind of college major do I need for a job at Lockheed Martin?
When is Lockheed Martin coming to my school for a career fair?
How many college students are you hiring this year?
Do you offer education assistance?
Can I pursue a graduate degree while employed at Lockheed Martin?

Military FAQsExpand AllCollapse All

Are there specific steps I should take to ease my military-to-civilian transition?
Can someone help me with my resume to make sure my military experience shows my full range of skills?
What positions can my military skills translate to?
What is your process for accepting resumes and interviewing those in the military?