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Lockheed Martin Apprenticeships

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There are multiple pathways to success at Lockheed Martin! Apprenticeship opportunities are available for early career and experienced workers from all walks of life.  Whether you’re a high school or college student, a military veteran or transitioning worker – we have an opportunity for you. At Lockheed Martin, no matter where you are in life or locale – you can land the perfect career.  Our commitment to workforce development earned us a top 25 slot in LinkedIn's top 50 list of best workplaces to grow your career in 2021. Read more here.

Meet Our Apprentices



Lockheed Martin offers many apprenticeships that range from aircraft maintenance and assemblers to software, cyber security and engineering. Our programs are designed to put you on the fast track, grow your knowledge and skills and earn a paycheck while doing it. We invest in our apprentices and equip them with the hands-on learning, mentoring and training needed to thrive in a career at Lockheed Martin. Apprenticeships are a great on-ramp to careers at Lockheed Martin!

As a Lockheed Martin apprentice, you career journey begins from the moment you walk in the door. As a new team member, you will learn how Lockheed Martin leads the industry in solving the world’s toughest technology challenges. With support from your leaders, your personal apprenticeship plan will lay out the on-the-job experiences and education you will receive to ensure growth in your job and career. Apprentices are valued members of the Lockheed Martin workforce and are eligible for great benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation.

Apprenticeshp Opportunities

Lockheed Martin Apprenticeships

Meet Mia Bridgeforth


After graduating from a technical high school, Mia was having trouble securing a job due to her lack of experience in trade or skills. At just 17 years old, Mia applied and was able to join the Teamsters/Sikorsky Career Pathways Program, a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program, where she was able to work on helicopter engines as a paid intern and later receive a full-time job offer as a mechanic on the transmission for the CH-53K helicopter, Black Hawk, Sea Hawk and S-76. This apprenticeship is one of 70 apprenticeships that Lockheed Martin is proud to offer providing new pathways for talented people, like Mia, to pursue meaningful work.

Meet More Apprentices

Meet Sarah from AMTAP


Sarah is a 2016 graduate of Lockheed Martin’s first AMTAP class. AMTAP, or Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program, trains candidates on the skills they need to build electronics and pursue a career in space manufacturing.  During the up-front training program, participants are paid and offered company benefits. Program graduates earn a nationally recognized credential and then have an immediate opportunity for full time employment and continued on-the-job training at Lockheed Martin.

Learn More About AMTAP

Meet Sarah, part of Lockheed Martin's first AMTAP class.
Lockheed Martin Apprenticeships Pledge to America's Workers

Pledge to America’s Workers


In 2018, we pledged to create 8,000 work-based learning opportunities, including 5,400 apprenticeships, and to invest $50 million in educational programs by 2023 through the Department of Labor’s “Pledge to America’s Workers.”

At Lockheed Martin, we are committed to developing a more diverse, highly-trained and empowered workforce equipped to thrive in the future.

The Power of Partnerships for Lockheed Martin Apprentices


Opportunities increase for Lockheed Martin Apprentices as we collaborate with valued partners across the United States!

• Florida Partners Equip Talent for Careers at Lockheed Martin
• No Experience Required to Thrive in Space
• Training Aspiring Locals to Engineer a New Tomorrow
• Technical Schools Prepare Students for Apprenticeships
• Apprenticeships Work Throughout a Career

Apprenticeship Partnership Success Stories

Lockheed Martin Apprenticeships
Lockheed Martin Apprenticeships Military

Lockheed Martin Heroes

At Lockheed Martin, veterans are at the center of everything we do — in fact, one in five of our employees has served in uniform. We are proud to help men and women like you successfully transition into civilian careers, and we're proud to partner with Hiring Our Heroes in support of its Corporate Fellowship Program and other Skill Bridge initiatives. Our Lockheed Martin Heroes program connects transitioning military to meaningful careers at Lockheed Martin including apprenticeships.

Lockheed Martin Heroes

Career Pathways at Lockheed Martin


There are multiple pathways to success at Lockheed Martin. Whether you’re a high school or college student, a military veteran or transitioning worker – we have an opportunity for you. At Lockheed Martin, no matter where you are in life or locale – you can land the perfect career.

High School
High school students, it is never too early to start your career at Lockheed Martin.

College Students
Lockheed Martin will challenge you during college and right out of school, providing you with career opportunities.

Lockheed Martin Heroes
Military members can bridge military careers with civilian careers at Lockheed Martin.

Chapter Next
Returning professionals who've been away from the workforce for 2+ years who are ready to re-engage their previous career with Lockheed Martin.