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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Fort Worth, Texas

Welcome to our Aeronautics Sector Headquarters and proud home of our F-35!

From our Advanced Development Programs to our F35, our Ft. Worth hub offers a variety of enticing career paths to consider for the Aerospace enthusiast.

Blistering speeds, superior stealth capability, unmatched power and flexibility. The F-35 Lightning II captures the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow.

The last two decades in Fort Worth have been heavily focused on F-35 development and production. With the F-35 as the world’s most advanced multi-role fighter – providing unmatched capabilities to military forces around the world, securing high-tech, high-skill jobs for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and elevating international security by allowing for more integrated coalition operations.

If you're ready to gain monumental exposure while working alongside some of the best industry talent solve problems that don't have quick answers, check out the many possibilities with our team in Fort Worth, Texas!

Current Lockheed Martin Aeronautics headquarters and birthplace to the F-35, if you were to join our team as an employee at our Fort Worth facility currently, you would witness the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter being produced on the assembly line at Air Force Plant 4.

With what is known to have the second largest building in the U.S. by area-by-floor area, Air Force Plant 4 boasts a rich history and currently employees thousands of talented skilled Lockheed Martin employees. Joining our Fort Worth team at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics can yield limitless opportunities, are you ready to see your career take flight?

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The F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 team is providing integrated sustainment capabilities to ensure the F-35 is mission-ready, anytime and anywhere. Because minutes matter, Lockheed Martin’s 24/7 operations centers and sustainment engineers partner closely with our customers to solve new challenges and meet the needs of the flight line. The F-35 is delivering more than just air dominance, it's simultaneously delivering tens of thousands of high paying, high quality jobs to American workers across the country, and around the world. Join our F-35 Program in Fort Worth and become a part of a growing legacy.

The 5th Generation F-35 is more than a fighter jet – it’s a powerful force multiplier with advanced sensors and communications suites that significantly enhance the capabilities of networked airborne, surface and ground-based platforms – sharing critical information in the Joint-All Domain Operations battlespace. It is the only fighter in production capable of surviving in contested environments and deterring or defeating near-peer adversaries.

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Engineering and Technology

At Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, we're taking innovation to the next level. From designing the most advanced air vehicle to designing aircraft that defies gravity, our engineers live on the cutting edge of technology.

Never have the opportunities for a technical career been so limitless.

What does our E&T Team hire for in Fort Worth?

Aeronautical Engineer ◾ Systems Engineer ◾ Software Engineer ◾ Systems Engineer Information Technology ◾ RF Engineer ◾ Cyber Security Engineer ◾ Electrical Engineer ◾ Test Engineer ◾ GNC Engineer ◾ Avionics Engineer ◾ Propulsion Engineer ◾ Loads Engineer ◾ Flight Controls Engineer ◾ MRB Engineer ◾ RMS Engineer ◾ Flight Test Engineer ◾ Electronic Warfare Engineer ◾ Material & Process Engineer ◾ Subsystems Engineer ◾ Industrial Engineer ◾ Engineering Architect

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Aeronautics Systems

Our Systems Engineers make up a diverse group of talented individuals with one common mission: To keep our pilots safe and our systems top notch for our customers. We employ a diverse and mission-driven group of individuals to some of the best minds to solve some of the world's toughest challenges. So if you are interested in seeing your technical expertise develop while working on some of the newest aerospace technology, check out our Aeronautics Systems opportunities in Fort Worth as we continue to grow!

What does our team typically hire for in Fort Worth?

◾ Full Life Cycle Systems Engineering ◾ Systems Test & Verification 

◾Modeling & Simulation ◾ Systems & Subsystems Design

◾ Project Engineering

Software Engineering

From coding in C# to helping design new age aerospace technology, our Software Engineering opportunities are vast.

On this team, staying ahead is critical. From our mission critical work with the F-35, to supporting emerging technologies with our Skunk Works programs, your engineering expertise will be put to use and developed along the way. If you have an analytical mind and a passion for watching your code come to life, consider joining our Software Team!  

What does our team typically hire for in Fort Worth?

◾Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, Python ◾ Linux Operating Systems 

◾Embedded Integration ◾ Agile Software Development

◾Application Development ◾ Object Oriented Architecture & Design

Check Out Our Forth Worth Software Opportunities

Production Operations & Manufacturing

Working hands-on in production or as an engineer in manufacturing, our Fort Worth site offers a wide array of growth opportunities. From working as a manufacturing engineer to helping to build and install essential components for the F-35 and beyond, check out the variety of growth opportunities for you to consider on our Production Operations & Manufacturing Teams.

What does our team typically hire for in Fort Worth?

◾ General Flight Mechanics ◾ Fabrication & Structural Mechanics

◾ Avionics/Electronic Systems Technicians ◾ Composite Fabricators

◾ Aircraft Painters ◾Aircraft Tooling

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We employ the world’s best cyber minds from diverse fields – people who are passionate about and empowered by our customers’ missions. Lockheed Martin’s best-in-cyber teams are experts in thinking like the enemy – identifying adversary activity and anticipating advanced persistent threats to strengthen platform defenses, inside and out of our networks. 

What does our team typically hire for in Fort Worth?

◾Cyber Security ◾ Cyber Engineering ◾Cyber Architecture

◾ IT Platform Security ◾Network Engineering ◾ Network Security

◾21st Century Electronic Warfare ◾ 5G

Check out our Fort Worth opportunities in Cyber

Connecting Talent To Opportunity

Our Aeronautics Talent Sourcing Squad is made up of Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing experts whose primary goal is to find and attract talent for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Finding out how your expertise plays a part in our mission takes time, which is why our Sourcing Squad is here to make it that much easier for you! We match talent with our current career opportunities, find talent for our most mission critical jobs, and pipeline talent for future opportunities as well, so please do not hesitate to connect and follow us below!

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