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Interview Invitation

Basic Qualifications

When we screen résumés for open positions, we only consider candidates who meet the basic qualifications, determined by reviewing keywords in the résumé against those listed in the job description, for which a person is applying. In the first stage, you'll only be required to express interest by submitting a résumé. If the keywords match the basic qualifications, we'll ask a few questions and explore them in greater detail.

Recruiter Screening

During the preliminary screening, our recruiters only review for basic qualification keywords. If you meet the basic qualifications, the recruiter will review your responses to the questions submitted with your résumé. The strongest résumés and responses will be forwarded to the hiring manager for further review and feedback.

Hiring Managers Review

If your résumé is among those forwarded to the hiring manager, he or she will review your background and qualifications in closer detail. In some cases, the hiring manager may elect to conduct a phone or video pre-screen to assess your technical skills.

Scheduling An Interview

Once the hiring manager, for a given position, selects applicants for interviews, they will be invited to schedule interviews. If you are selected for an interview, you'll be asked to complete an employment application. Interviews may be conducted in person, via video conferencing, or by phone.

Employment Application

The online application typically takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, so it's important to set aside ample time. In addition to your résumé, we recommend that you provide addresses and phone numbers for previous employers.

Interviewing Process and Feedback

When we contact you for an interview, we'll strive to be transparent regarding the process and timeline for feedback and hiring. Our goal is to facilitate a professional, transparent, and productive opportunity for mutual evaluation. To make sure we're delivering a positive interview experience, after your interview, we'll ask you how we did, as we value your input and feedback.