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Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals


Q. How do I get a job at Lockheed Martin? Where can I find out what jobs are currently open at Lockheed Martin?

A. Thanks for your interest in our company!  You can learn more about Lockheed Martin careers and view available positions by visiting our Job Search page. We frequently update available positions based on business needs. We also invite you to participate in a scheduled virtual chat with our recruiting team.

There are numerous ways to secure employment with Lockheed Martin. As an applicant, it’s important to regularly monitor the Lockheed Martin career pages, submit to jobs of interest and make sure that you are qualified for the position as well as the level of the job. We encourage you to pulse anyone with whom you have a current connection at Lockheed Martin to find out about opportunities and what it’s like to work in our company. You can also use our job search agent which will notify you when positions are open with your criteria.

Q. Can I apply to more than one job?

A. Yes, however, we suggest that you only apply for positions for which you feel are the best matches for your skills, background, and interests. Applying for more than one won’t impact your chances of being hired for one position over another.

Q. Where should I send my resume?

A. For immediate consideration, submit your résumé online via our career site and be sure to apply to those positions which best match your skills and interest. You can manage or create an account by visiting this page - Applicants & Returning Job Seekers.

Q. Does it matter what my resume looks like?

A. Be sure to research typical resume formats like ‘chronological’ or ‘functional’ so it best showcases your skills.  Also, be accurate in describing what your skills are, and how your skills align with the Basic Qualifications of each role.  It is best to tailor your resume for each specific job you’re interested in and qualified for.

Q. What qualities do you look for when hiring at Lockheed Martin?

A. We’re always looking for individuals who are committed to ethics and integrity, mission-motivated, passionate about solving problems for humanity, and strive to lead innovation.  You can learn more about our innovations by visiting our Who We Are page and you can learn about the qualities of some of our employees by visiting our Employee Testimonials page.

Q. What is the hiring process like?

A. First, you should create a profile on our website in order to submit to any position. You only need to create a profile once, and you may update or modify it as often as necessary.

Depending on the position, the Lockheed Martin recruitment team may conduct phone interviews, followed by one or several in-person interviews before an employment offer is extended. You can learn more about joining Lockheed Martin and our recruitment process – Joining Lockheed Martin.

Q: I applied to multiple open positions at Lockheed Martin and I haven’t heard back. How can I find out where I am in the process and what the status of my application is?

A: As a candidate, you can check the status of the position by logging into your job seeker profile and clicking “APPLICATION STATUS” – Applicants & Returning Job Seekers – Students or Applicants and Returning Job Seekers – Experienced.  You can see if the position is still open or if it has been closed or cancelled.  You will be contacted if the hiring team would like to consider you further for the job you’ve expressed interest to.   If you are unable to view the status for whatever reason, you may also contact our Help Desk at

Q. How can I improve my chances to get into Lockheed Martin?

A. Be sure to research the company, network with your friends, family and peers, and submit your resume regularly and often through the website.  Join us for virtual chats and review our calendar of events to find out when a Lockheed Martin representative will be in your local area.  We encourage social media and professional media connections from prospective candidates. You can view all the various ways to Connect With Us.

Q: What is the salary range at Lockheed Martin?

A: Our competitive salaries are determined by comprehensive market surveys according to skill, discipline and level. Our performance recognition approach is designed to continuously assess proper placement within the market range. The salary may vary based on position level, scope of work and geographic location.

Q: What benefits come with this position?

A: Lockheed Martin offers a comprehensive benefits program for employees that includes competitive pay, wellness programs, life and income protection, paid time off, and retirement savings plans. Learn more about the total value of a career at Lockheed Martin – Pay & Benefits.

Q. I’d like to speak with someone in HUMAN RESOURCES about a position I applied for. Who can I contact?

A. The best way to connect with our team is through our virtual recruiter chats. You can view the full schedule and join a chat – Chat Schedule.

Q. What technologies do you work with, develop, and advance?

A. Technologies we focus on include: advanced materials • analysis, simulation, and modeling • electro-optics • communications • environmental sciences • guidance, navigation, and control systems • liquid propellants • millimeter and microwave electronics • software and processors • space science instruments • stealth technologies • systems architecture and integration - and more.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We have locations in some of the most desirable cities in the world, as well as many rural small towns in the U.S. Browse our Locations section for details.

Q. Do you offer relocation assistance?

A. Yes, most of our positions provide relocation assistance. We suggest that you review the job description for any position you’re interested in to see if you’re eligible.

Q. Do you offer education assistance?

A. Yes, and each of our locations offers additional, site-specific training and development opportunities and support for educational advancement relevant to your expertise.

Q. Can I pursue a graduate degree while employed at Lockheed Martin?

A. Yes. All of our employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement for continuing and graduate education in a field related to the business. We encourage ongoing learning and growth throughout your career.